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Instant Office Space has been dedicated to the development and operation of Managed and Serviced Business Centres (MSBC) for five years and has consistently worked to meet the ever-increasing demand from smaller SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) for high quality business units available on short-term license agreements.

The Company has built a strong reputation for delivering high quality accommodation across the South East of England, through its specialisation in this niche sector. Instant Office Space provides a supportive environment that encourages small businesses to flourish and grow. The combination of reputation and active management provides a solid platform for the ongoing development of the business and the provision of an economically and socially important facility for the growing community of smaller SME's.

Instant Office Space is now taking a more national view of its business activities, and is in discussions with a number of both private and public sector bodies around the country regarding the application of the MSBC concept. The core of the Instant Office Space strategy is to maximise profits from the application of the core skills that exist within the Group - that is, to acquire or develop new MSBCs and then to bring them to high levels of operational performance.

These profits are delivered by:

▪ Managing our existing owned centres, maintaining high service levels and occupancy rates to produce an attractive return on the capital employed within them.
▪ Procuring new MSBCs for the company and / or in partnership with others providing project management and procurement fees.
▪ The company has also had successes in the application of its management skills to the same high level in operating MSBCs owned wholly or partly by others. This second leg of the Instant Office Space strategy enables the company to produce enduring and increasing income streams with a much reduced demand on the company’s capital.
▪ Instant Office Space is moving forward with confidence in the knowledge that it has a good product, a substantial target market and a clearly defined strategy to achieve controlled growth. The enthusiasm and energy of all of our staff will continue to play a most significant part in continuing this success.

Mission Statement

Instant Office Space is dedicated to becoming one of the premier operators of Managed and Serviced Business Centres (MSBCs) in Southern England.

The MSBC concept continues to provide the best format for meeting the demand from smaller SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) for high quality, good value business units available on short-term licence agreements.

The company will pursue opportunities to act both as the owner / operator of MSBCs and to leverage internal skills as a provider of development and management services to third parties where appropriate.